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 How Quickly Do You Need Your Driving Licence?

Intensive driving lessons in Oxford are a great way to get your driving licence ever so quickly but what is the truth behind what people used to describe as “crash courses in Oxford”? The old crash course was when you the pupil would cram in as many hours as possible, usually 40 hours of training inside one week, you would start your lesson on a Monday with a Test on a Friday and wow it was tiring.

Not many people used to pass these courses, but at Dave Ryman Driver Training we have adopted an approach which supports you if you need a driving licence sooner rather than later and gives you a great chance of passing first time. Firstly before you can apply for a practical test you need to pass your theory test, so lets get that started now and I am happy to help book that in for you. In fact please go one step further and use my online theory test tools to help you learn and pass.

Once you have passed your theory we can book in your practical test and that is where the fun starts. The big advantage of taking an intensive driving course in Oxford with Dave Ryman Driver Training is that by condensing your lessons over a period of time to suit you, you learn more in fewer lessons. Allow me to explain.

Lets say you did a semi intensive course of 2 hours a day, Monday to Friday over 3 or 4 weeks. That would give you 40 hours or so and you should be driving independently, however drivers who take 2 hours a week on average need 47 hours of training, so you can see how much money a semi intensive could save you. You can spread the lessons however you like but it is subject to availability. You may want weekends only and this is really popular. By the end of the month you will be ready to impress the driving examiner, imagine, just 4 weeks from now you will be a great driver ready to get your driving licence.

Some people like to take 2 hours a day, either before or after college or work. Now this will depend on when you start work. If you start at 10am in the morning thats fins, but we’re not going to start lessons at 6am however we can pick you up from work if you are local, take you on your lesson and finish the lesson at your home. A

`s you can read we are very flexible and we also offer you great support. Give us a call today.

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